Window Cleaning

Windows can add light and a beautiful view to a home. They can also brighten your view and have a dramatic effect on your homes appearance. However, that beautiful view can frequently become dirty from dust, pollen, spider webs, and bugs.

While most interior windows can be easily cleaned from inside by homeowners; many homes have 2nd and 3rd story exterior windows,  which require tall ladders to clean. We at HydroClean have all the tools and experience to clean the windows on any size home.

Using Windex and paper towels to clean your windows does not produce the best results. Cleaning a window with common household products leaves the dirty water on the window, which produces streaks and cloudy windows. For optimum results, windows should be cleaned with a process that removes the dirty water and then with a squeegee after cleaning.

We clean both interior and exterior windows, by hand, using squeegees and t-bars. First, we remove all spider webs and debris using a damp cloth from the frame of the window and then clean the sills and frames. Then, using a t-bar we scrub the glass completely removing all grime and dirt. Then all the dirty water is removed using a squeegee producing a sparkling clear finish.