Roof Cleaning

Roof-Cleaning Mooresville NC 5 yr Warranty

Your Roof's Potential Problems

Once your new 30 year roof is installed, spores can travel from nearby algae growth and begin infesting your roof. The algae starts growing and can't be seen for many years.

Around to 5-10 years into the life of the roof, you will begin to notice black stains and streaks, especially  on the shaded areas of the roof. The algae forms the black covering to protect itself from the sunlight. The algae feeds on the lime deposits present in the shingles.

Between years 10-15 of the roof the black streaks have progressed to grow lichen or moss. The shingles have been degraded and the algae can reduce the life of the roof up to 50% In any case you are not likely to get the full 30 year life from your roof.

HydroClean's Soft Wash Solution

Our first step is to water and saturate all vegetation and parts of the home where we will be cleaning the roof. We have a tech on the ground at all times rinsing and catching the overspray from the roof solution.

Our next step is to apply our ARMA (shingle manufacturer association) recommended biocide solution to the roof. The soft wash application ensures the shingles are not damaged by pressure. The biocide solution kills the roof algae at the source and produces immediate results.

Black streak and stains will be cleaned the day of service, lichen and moss will turn white and will fall off 6-8 weeks after service. With our Limited 5 Year Warranty if any stains appear within one year of service we will come back to retreat the roof for free.

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