We will start by adding 2.5 gallons of 12% SH to a 5 gallon bucket. Then add 2.5 gallons of water. This is our “House Wash” mix. We also will need some form of detergent (soap) to mix with the solution. The brand of detergent isn’t very important, any commonly found products that are designed for pressure washing will work. Some products you may consider are Simple Cherry or Elemonator. Read the directions on the detergent container on how much to add per gallon, and use about half the recommended amount. The directions are intended for using the soap without mixing it with SH and in our experience you don’t need as much soap as the directions call for. We use a soap called “Elemonator” and use about 5 ounces per 5 gallons of SH/Water, but other products may require different amounts, again read the instructions and use less than called for. Now we will fill a 5 gallon bucket with straight 12% SH. Add the same soap quantity as in the first step. This is our “Strong Wash” mix. We use this for very difficult mold and for spot cleaning. Once we drop our chemical line in our custom soap, the chemical injector will mix the soap with water further diluting it from 12:1-18:1 making it the perfect strength to use on siding. For contractors larger mix tanks are more efficient. We use 10 gallon tanks and 35 gallon tanks with the same 1:1 mix ratios for House Wash and straight for Strong Wash.