Gutter Brushing

Exterior gutters commonly have two different types of staining. The first type, are gutters that are stained with mold; this appears as black or green mold on the exterior surface. Mold can be removed easily with a basic wash, using detergents and low pressure. The other type of staining on exterior gutters, is streaks (also know as tiger striping) which are caused by rainwater washing over the gutters. This tends to get mixed with asphalt material from the roofing shingles. These stains penetrate the actual paint on the gutters and can be difficult to remove. Gutters that are heavily streaked require brushing with strong alkaline detergent and rinsing with pressure.

Brushing can in some cases remove all the streaks from gutters. However, the appearance of some gutters may only be slightly improved by brushing, or not at all.

HydroClean, offers a gutter brushing service as an addon to our basic house wash and it comes as a part of the Premium House Washing package.