Now that we know what size tip to use we need four pressure tips, a nozzle to apply soap high, one to apply soap low, a nozzle to rinse high with more pressure, and a nozzle to rinse low with more pressure. Depending on your location it may be hard to find a varieties of pressure washing nozzles in local stores. In that case you will have to order the nozzles on the internet. Northern Tool usually has a good selection of nozzles and you could check there for the appropriate nozzles for your machine. Based on our example 3000 PSI 8 GPM machine, we will need a 2520 “Green” nozzle for rinsing low, a 0020 “Red nozzle” for rinsing high, a 2560 “Black soap” nozzle for soaping low, and a 0060 “Black soap” nozzle for soaping high. The numbers “2520” are usually imprinted on the end of the nozzle. The first to numbers is the spray angle 25 degrees “25”, the next two numbers are the rated orifice size “20”. Unfortunately you may find it hard to find a “0040” 0 degree black soap nozzle in a store. In that case I recommend going to to find a 0 degree soap nozzle. The 0 degree soap nozzle is essential for applying soap to the higher areas of a home. We use a JROD 4 way nozzle holder that holds 4 1/4 meg nozzles at once which gives easy access and makes it harder to lose the nozzles.