For very high areas of the home it is possible to use the “Red” 00 nozzle to wash the fascia and siding more easily. This nozzle should not be used close range and can damage objects including exterior lighting, siding, etc.

You cannot use a “Red” nozzle that came with your pressure washer or is not rated to operate at low pressure with your pressure washer. Using the “Red” “09” nozzle will produce 3000 PSI at 8 GPM and you will damage a home by using this nozzle at that PSI. You must select a size nozzle that produces low pressure using a nozzle chart. A High pressure “Red” 0 degree tip will draw lines in your siding, concrete, wood or whatever else you use it on. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of this do not use the “Red nozzle” at all. You have been warned.